About us

360 Expertise originated in the Spring of 2017 from the idea that digital camera technology, more specifically high-resolution 360-degree camera images, is extremely suitable for many applications. The technical equipment and software are available, we have brought this together in 360 Expertise.

We use specialists from diverse (technical) fields and with broad experience and expertise in the execution of our activities.

The first project we started on is to find a solution for the recording of damage as a result of soil movement particularly in the northern Netherlands (Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe). Soil movement as a result of gas extraction, salt extraction or (large-scale) construction projects.

In addition to recording the damage that has already occurred, we also focus on recording the situation before possible damage occurs through so-called zero measurements. Literally, a picture of your entire home is made by us. Later on you will no longer have any discussion about whether the damage was already there at the time of recording your home.

The process and quality assurance is under the supervision of Vergnes Expertise from Leek.The biggest counter-expert in the gas extraction area and also a member of NIVRE (the Dutch Institute of Registered Experts).

Convince yourself with the pictures on our website www.kijkbinnenbijkraak.nl.