360 Expertise

360 Expertise originated in the spring of 2017 from the idea that digital camera technology, more specifically high-resolution 360-degree camera images, is extremely suitable for many applications. The technical equipment and software are available, we have brought this together in 360 Expertise.

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The recording of damage to and condition of dwellings in areas where soil movement takes place through the extraction of natural gas, salt or, for example, construction projects is of great importance. Citizens, companies, institutions and local authorities in the most well-known earthquake area of Groningen have been confronted for years with soil movements that cause damage. Much damage is visible to homes, shops, (commercial) buildings and other real estate in Groningen and Drenthe.

The technology of 360 Expertise is extremely suitable for fast, simple and economical determination of the condition of buildings at a very high resolution. An expert or arbitrator can easily settle many damage claims remotely after obtaining permission from the owner.


The 360 Expertise concept, bringing together the right hardware and software, is innovative and groundbreaking and is an excellent tool for the work of experts, judges and arbitrators.

In order to realize and further develop the technology in practice, Vergnes Expertise and 360 Expertise have decided to work together in a joint venture offering records of the condition of real estate objects by means of high-resolution 360-degree camera images.


Core values

State of the art technique

Highest quality in capturing images and storage


360 Expertise is innovative and groundbreaking


Your data is stored securely in our own data center


The software has been developed for 360 Expertise


Recording now provides security for the future


360 Expertise is independent of damage-causing parties